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Originally appearing in Volume V28, Page 1034 of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.
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GRADE A. Protozoa (various groups included). GRADE B. Metazoa. Branch a. Parazoa. Phylum I. PORIFERA.Branch b. Enterozoa. Grade I. ENTEROCOELA. Phylum 2. HYDROMEDUSAE. 3. SCYPHOMEDUSAE. 4. ANTHOZOA. 5. CTENOPHOFA. Grade 2. COELOMOCOELA. Phylum 6. PLATYELMIA. 7. NEMATOIDEA. 8. CHAETOGNATHA 9. NEMERTINA. I0. MOLLUSCA. II. APPENDICULATA. Sub-phyla: ROTIFERA, CHAETOPODA, ARTHROPODA. I2. ECHINODERMA. 13. VERTEBRATA. Sub-phyla: HEMICHORDA, UROCHORDA, CEPHALOCHORDA, CRANIATA. 14. MESOZOA. 15. POLYZOA. 16. ACANTHOCEPHALA 17. PODAXONIA. 18. GASTROTRICIIA. A statement may now be given of the classes and orders in each group, as recognized by the writers of the various special zoological articles in the Eleventh &am)-a Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. These sub- adopted divisions of the larger groups are not necessarily in the those theoretically approved by the present writer, pwresentk.r o but they have the valuable sanction of the individual experts who have given special attention to different portions of the vast field represented by the animal kingdom.' GRADE A. Protozoa (q.v.). Phylum I. Sarcodina (q.v.). Class I. PROTEOMYXA (q.V.) Class 2. RHIZOPODA (q.V.). Orders: Lobosa, Filosa. Class 3. HELIOZOA (q.v.). Class 4. FORAMINIFERA (q.v.). Orders: Nuda, Allogromidiaceae, Astrorhizidiaceae, Lituolidaceae, Miliolidaceae, Textulidaridaceae, Cheilostomellaceae, Lagenidaceae, Globigerinidaceae, Rotalidaceae, Nummulidiaceae. Insertae sedis. Xenophyophoridae (see FORAMINI- FERA). Class 5. RADIOLARIA. Orders: Spumellaria (=Peripylaea), Acantharia (= Actipylaea), Nasselaria (= Monopylaea), Phaeodaria (~ Tripylaea). Class 6. LABYRINTHULIDEA (q.v.). No Orders. Class 7. MYXOMYCETES. No Orders. Phylum 2. Mastigophora (q.v.). Class I. FLAGELLATA (q.v.). Sub-class A. Rhizoflagellata. Orders: Holomastigaceae, Rhizomastigaceae. Sub-class B. Euflagellata. Orders: Protomastigaceae, Chrysomonadaceae, Crvptomonadaceae, Chloromonadaceae, Euglenaceae, Volvocaceae. Class 2. DINOFLAGELLATA. Orders: Gymnodiniaceae, Prorocentraceae, Peridiniaceae. Class 3. CYSTOFLAGELLATA. No Orders. Phylum 3. Sporozoa (q.v.). Class I. ENDOSPORA (q.v.). Orders: Myxosporidia, Actinomyxidia, Sarcosporidia, Haplosporidia. Class 2. ECTOSPORA (q.v ). Orders: Gregarina (see GREGARINES), Coccidia (q.v.), Haemosporidia (q.v.). Phylum 4. Infusoria (q.v.). Class I. CILIATA. Orders: Gymonostomaceae, Trichostomata, Aspirotrichaceae, Spirotricha, Heterotrichaceae, Oligotrichaceae, Hypotrichaceae, Peritrichaceae. Class 2. SUCTORIA. No orders. ' It is to be noted that the terms used for designating categories in the classification are not always identical in this summary and separate articles, as authors differ as to the use of these. 1.. d W Q~~~ el~~ns qri Q~d` \ 1 ' / ~eF 5,4",, 1034.
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GRACKLE (Lat. Gracculus or Graculus)

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