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Originally appearing in Volume V14, Page 463 of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.
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KALAPOOIA. Kalapuyan. About 125 at Grande Ronde, Oregon, Not much. Continued improvement. Powell, 7th Ann. Rep. Bur. Ethnol., 1885-1886; Gatschet, .fourn. Amer. Folk-Lore, 1899; Lewis, Mem. Amer. Anthrop. Assoc., 1906. and a few also on the Siletz Reservation. - KALISPEL Salishan 826 on the Flathead Reservation, Considerable. Continued improvement. Catholic Giorda,KalispelDictionary(1877-1879).; (Pend d'Oreille). Montana; 98 at Colville Agency, missions. See Chehalis. Washington. Tribe. Stock. Situation, Population, &c. Degree of Condition, Progress, &c, Authorities. Intermixture. KAxsA (Kew). Siouan. 207 in Oklahoma. About h a I f are American citizens, making fair Dorsey, ttth Ann. Rep. Bur. Ethnol., mixed 'local. progress. 1839-i89o, and tSt/a Rep., r893-1894; Hay, Trans. Kans. State Mist. Soc., 1906. KICKApno. Algonkian. 188 in Kansas; 204 in Oklahoma; Considerable. Progress hampered by liquor, &c. Mooney, Nth .Lan. Rep. Bur. Earwig about 400 in Mexico. t892-x893; Lutz, Trans. Kansas Hist. Sac., 1906. KawiA (Cahuillai, Shoshonian. About 15o in southern California. Little. Progress good. Nominally Catholics, Burrows, Ethnobotany of the Coahuilla result of Californian missions. Indians (1900) Kroeber, Ethno- graphy of Ore t'ahtrilla (roofs). Ktatt A. Kiowan. 1219 in Oklahoma. Some white blood Citizens of the U.S., making fair pro- Mooney, tgth .Lyn. Rep. Bur. El/wool.. from captives, &c, gress. Catholic, Methodist, Pries- 1892-1893, and 17th Rep., 1895-1896. byteri:n, &c, mission influences. KITgsAN. Tsimshian. About rroo on upper Skeena river Little. Making good progress. See'l'simshian. in central British Columbia. lieAMArtt, Lutuamian. 761 at Klamath Agency, Oregon. Little. .Acostly self-supporting. Methodist Catschet The Klamath Indians mission, but poor work done. (Washington, 1890); Dorsey, Amer. 1 nt/rep., 19or.'Kal-AT. Sehaptian. About 300 merged with Yakima and Considerable. Late reports indicate much bad Lyman, Pow .4 /nee. Asian. Soc., 1904; other tribes on Yakima Reserve- influence of whites. Lewis, .Item. Amer. .1nthrop. Soc., Lion, Washington. 1906. Kossat' (Concow). Pujunan. 171 at Round Valley, California. Little. Gradually improving. See Maidu. K,,rn't-Sal. Kitunahan. In S.E. British Columbia; 220 at A little French and Good, especially upper Kootenay; Boas, Rep. Brit. Assoc. Adv. Sci., 1889; St ALu-_v's; se et 'Tobacco Plains; English. continued progress. Koutcn ay Chamberlain, ibid., 1892 (and other 82 al Columbia bakes; 170, lower in L.S. not so progressive. writings), :Inn. Ars9:. Rep. Ontario, Kootenay. At Flathead Agency. Catholic missions with good re- 190;; Schultz, My Life a., an Indian Montana, 565. Holding their own, suits. (N.Y., 1907). or increasing. K,,a uni'uti0'TPNNE. Athabaskan. About son on the Koyukuk and Little, if any. Little progress noted. See Babines, Carriers, Chipewyan. Yukon above the ' Kaivuhkho'tenne in .Al, ska. KwAKIUTL. AVakashan. About aSoo in Vancouver Island and Considerable in Improvement recently. Anglican Boas, Rep. Brit. Assoc. Adv. Sci., 1889, British Columbia. Decreasing. places. and Methodist missions—former 1890, 1896, Rep. U.S. Nat. Mush counting 409; latter, 19 members; 1895, and other writings; Boas and rest, ..pagans." Hunt, -Item, Amer. silos. Nat. Hid., 1902. Lt.t.ourr Salishan. About 90o in S.W. British Columbia, Considerable in Getting along well generally. Boas, El/w:ogr. Album (N.Y., 1890); (siatliumh). on Eraser river, Douglas and places. Catholic and Anglican missions. Hill-lout, Journ.:1nt/Ir. Inst., 1905; Lilluuct Lakes, &c. 'felt, Hem. Amer. Hits. Nat. Ilisl., 1906. Lumiet. Salishan. 418 at 'lldalip .-Agency, Washington. Considerable. Suffering from white contact. See Chehalis. Vlatt,u-. Pujunan. In N.E. California. About 2(0 Not much. Pew and scattered. Dixon, Boll. Amer. 31us. Nat. Mist., full-bloods. 1902-1905; Journ. Amer. Folk-Lore, 1900-1907. \1AcAx. AVakashan. 4000n Makah, 25 on Ozette Reserva- Considerable. Progress good. Swan, The Indians of Cape Flattery lion, AVaehington. (Wuslungton, 1870); Dorsey, .l veer. Antiquarian, 1901. \f.-~sn.1N. Simian. zoo at Et. Berthold, N. Dakota. Considerable. Making some progress. Catholic Will and Spindle, The 3fandans (1906); Beginning to increase again. and Protestant mission influences. Dorsey in tlth and tgth Reps. Bur. Ellwml. VIAtueop.a. Yuman. 344 at Pima Agency Arizona. De- No data. Progress in 1906 excellent. Catholic See Yuma. creasing slightly. mission school. Ni +rvix.e~N .AIgonkian. .-About z;o0 in Manitoba, Keewatin, Considerable in Generally law-abiding, but im- Simms in Jewel. Amer. Folk-Lore, , End of Article: KALAPOOIA

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