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Originally appearing in Volume V01, Page 30 of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.
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MEASURES.2 ac. bar. bus. c. cent. c. (or cub.) ft. &c. cubic foot,&c. cwt. hundredweight. d. (denarius), penny. deg. degree. dr. drachm or dram. dwt. pennyweight. f. franc. fl. florin. ft. foot. fur. furlong. gal. gallon. gr. grain. h. or hr. hour. hhd. hogshead. in. inch. kilo. kilometre. L.? £,2 or 1. (libra), (money). 3. MISCELLANEOUS ABBREVIATIONS. A. Accepted. A.C. (Ante Christum), Before Christ. ace., a/c. or acct. Account. A.D. (Anno Domini), In the year of our Lord. A.E.I.O.U. Austriae est imperare orbi universo,4 or Alles Erdreich Ist Oesterreich Unterthan. Aet. or Aetat. (Aetatis, [anno]), In the year of his age. A.H. (Anna Hegirae), In the year of the Hegira (the Mohammedan' era). 2 Characters, not properly abbreviations, are used in the same way; e.g. '' ' " for "degrees, minutes, seconds " (circular measure) 3, 3 for "ounces, drachms, scruples." is probably to be traced, to the written form of the z in "oz." • These forms (as well as $, the symbol for the American dollar) are placed before their amounts. 4It is given to Austria to rule the whole earth. The device of Austria, first adopted by Frederick III. acre. barrel. bushel. In. mo. na. oz. pk. po. pt. q• qr. qt. ro. lb. or lb. (libra), pound (weight). m. or mi. mile, minute. minim. month. nail. ounce. peck. pole. pint. (quadrans), farthing. quarter. quart. rood. Rs.' rupees. s. or / (solidus), shilling. s. or sec. second. sc. or scr. scruple, sq. ft. &c. square foot, &c. st. stone. yd. yard. pound A.M. (Anno Mundi), In the year of the world. A.M. (Ante meridiem), Forenoon. Anon. Anonymous. A.U.C. (Anno urbis conditae), In the year from the building of the city (i.e. Rome). A.V. Authorized version of the Bible. b. born. B.V.M. The Blessed Virgin Mary. B.C. Before Christ. c. circa, about. q.s. or quant. suff. (Quantum sufficit), As much as is sufficient. q.v. (Quod vide), Which see. R. or H. (Recipe), Take. s/ (=r. for radix), The sign of the square root. R.I.P. (Requiescat in pace!), May he rest in peace! R.S.V.P. (Respondez s'il vous plait), Please reply. sc. (Scilicet), Namely; that is to say. Sc. or Sculp. (Sculpsit), He engraved it. S.D.U.K. Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. seq.or sq., seqq. or sqq. (Sequens, $equentia), The following. C. or Cap. (Caput), Chapter. S.J. Society of Jesus. C. Centigrade (or Celsius's) Thermometer s.p. (Sine prole), Without offspring. cent.' (Centum), A hundred, frequently £ioo. S.P.C.K. Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge° Cf. or cp. (Confer), Compare. S.P.G. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Ch. or Chap. Chapter. S.T.D. C.M.S. Church Missionary Society. S.T.B. Doctor, Bachelor, Licentiate of Theology. Co. Company, County. S.T.L. C.O.D. Cash on Delivery. Sup. (Supra), Above. Cr. Creditor. s.v. (Sub voce), Under the word (or heading). curt. Current, the present month. T.C.D. Trinity College, Dublin. d. died. ult. (Ultimo [mense] ), Last month. D.G. (Dei gratia), By the grace of God. U.S. United States. Do. Ditto, the same. U.S.A. United States of America. D.O.M. (Deo Optimo Maximo), To God the Best and Greatest. v. (Versus), Against. Dr. Debtor. D.V. (Deo volente), God willing. E.& O.E. Errors and omissions excepted. e.g. (Exempli gratia), For example. etc. or &c. (Et caetera), And the rest; and so forth. Ex. Example. F. or Fahr. Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Fee. (Fecit), He made (or did) it. fl. Flourished. Fo. or Fol., Folio. f.o.b. Free on board. G.P.O. General Post Office. H.M.S. His Majesty's Ship, or Service. lb. as Ibid. (Ibidem), In the same place. Id. (Idem), The same. i.e. (Id est), That is. I.H.S. A symbol for "Jesus," derived from the first three letters of the Greek (I H E) ; the correct origin was lost sight of, and the Romamzed letters were then interpreted erroneously as standing for Jesus, Hominum Salvator, the Latin " h " and Greek long " e " being confused. I.M.D.G. (In majorem Dei gloriam), To the greater glory of God. Inf. (Infra), Below. Inst. Instant, the present month. I.O.U. I owe you. i.q. (Idem quod), The same as. K.T.X. (,cal rd Xoiir,) Et caetera, and the rest. L. or Lib. (Liber), Book. Lat. Latitude. 1.c. (Loco citato), In the place cited. Lon. or Long. Longitude. L.S. (Locus sigills), The place of the seal. Mem. (Memento), Remember, Memorandum. MS. Manuscript. MSS. Manuscripts. N.B. (Nola bene), Mark well; take notice. N.B. North Britain (i.e. Scotland). N.D. No date. nem. con. (Nemine contradicente), No one contradicting. No. (Numero), Number. N.S. New Style. N.T. New Testament. ob. (Obiit), Died. Obs. Obsolete. O.H.M.S. On His Majesty's Service. O.S. Old Style. O.S.B. Ordo Sancti Benedicti (Benedictines). O.T. Old Testament. P. Page. Pp. Pages. ~ (Per), For; e.g. 1g lb., For one pound. Pinx. (Pinxit), He painted it. P.M. (Post Meridiem), Afternoon. P.O. Post Office, Postal Order. P.O.O. Post Office Order. P.P.C. (Pour /rendre cone), To take leave. P.R. Prize-ring. prox. (Proximo [mense]), Next month. P.S. Postscript. Pt. Part. p t. or pro tem. (Pro tempore), For the time. P.T.O. Please turn over. Q., Qu., or Qy. Query; question. d. (Quasi dicat), As if he should say; as much as to say. E.D. (Quod erat demonstrandum), Which was to be demonstrated. E.F. (Quod erat faciendum), Which was to be done. "Per cent." is often signified by%, a form traceable to "too."v. or vid. (Vide), See. viz. (Videlicet), Namely. Xmas. Christmas. This X is a Greek letter, corresponding to Ch. See also Graevius's Thesaurus Antiquitatum (1694, sqq.) ; Nicolai's Tractatus de Sighs Veterum; Mommsen's Corpus Inscriptianuni Latinarum (1863, sqq.) ; Natalis de Wailly's Paleographie (Paris, 1838) ; Mph. Chassant's Paleographic (1854), and Dictionnaire des Abrevialions (3rd ed..1866) ; Campclli, Dizionario di Abbreviature (1899).
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