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Originally appearing in Volume V19, Page 157 of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.
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NAMASUDRA, the name adopted by the great caste or tribe who inhabit the swamps of Eastern Bengal, India, whom the higher castes are wont to designate by the opprobrious term of Chandal. Their number in Igo' exceeded 2 millions; but if the cognate Pods and also the Mahommedans of the same ethnical stock were to be added, the total would probably reach 11 millions.
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NAME (O. Eng. mama; cognate forms in Teutonic langu...

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There is no logic for why the pod and muslims should be added together to the Namasudras.Actually inter-marriage among them is unacceptable for more than thousand years.The Pods considered the Namasudras as unacceptable.It has been the socio-political motif of the so-called upper-castes to classify them as belonging to same group.This happened only after the Europeans came and labeled all as native irrespective of their castes.Actually Hinduism divides the total population in a profile like the predatory system in nature .Each community gets some shoulders of other castes to keep their foot on.Most probably there was( and is) some ethnic element in the concept.But now its hard to get a sharp ethnic demarcation along different caste lines.However for to enjoy an inborn advantage some people likes to believe and preach it among their caste members. The Namsudras has recently declared the Publication of Swejsanto kotha or Smritokotha where they claim themselves to be originated from Ariban Swej and tobe known as Namaswej or swej. They believe it to be a Revelation by Verhudt ,the messenger- in -dream of Brahma. However this is not well-known yet now.But the community is likely to adopt this in very near future.This would be a very timely addition in this respect . It s basically hinduism or Brahmism with a divine origin theory for every community and each is likely to adopt a name as the revelation is.
Most probably the name "Ariban" should be "Kirtiuriban".As the mythical genealogy inseminated through "Sruti" by their forefathers is as given hereafter.Brahma( The Hindu creator God ) begot Marich.Marich begot Kasyapa ( the origin of "Gotra").Kasyapa begot Namas.Namas begot the identical tween Kirtiban and Uruban.Reference given in Namasudra/wikipage.
There is no such report that 'The Pods considered the Namasudras as unacceptable'. In my openion, is type of report will obviously help the people who wants to rule the Indian Hindu Society by DIVIDING THOSE PEOPLE with theis intellegent method of class system. Around 7000 casts and sub-casts! Brahmin at the top and rest 97% Indians (today's population 1,171,284,000) are located below the brahmins. Whom brahmins considers lower casts (sudras). And we, feel ourself proud, considering our cast position just above (better) than others! In view of above, who are not Brahmins or wants to eradicate this cast system should take special attention.
i feel very upset whenever i come to know that the people of this community are moving round and round on a same path. they are discussing about ambedkar ,they are talking about other sc population of bengal and so on . sometime they are trying to be more generous by annuoncing that they do not believe in casteism.i donot think those efforts will bear any positive result.why they are not trying to make this community united, skillful & strong enough to get a huge share of india"s resourses to lead a meaningful life.remember my dear frinds THEY are even now force you to think about the issues that only help them to retain their have to defog those illusion and concentrate on what you know
The reformation of Indian society is very tough.It has not changed a little from what it was thousand years before in essence. The insignificant and split minority Hindu community like Namassejas(?) nee namasudras cant reform it.This is true .But they must remove the filthy bashing tags , that is very urgent.Even other Bengali communities also following the same thing for long and it does not hinder their development.I would like to refer to the discussion pages of [[Bengali Hindu]] communities.We should not forget our true roots.That is dangerous.Now our forefathers' discourse, Smritokotha has been acknowledged worldwide .We must not forget these roots.
The information presented here incomplete and missmatched. The folk tale tried to present not correctly mentioned.Number of folk tales or believes are there regarding the origin of the Namasudra. Some refer the book 'Sakti Sangam Tantra" containing the mithical origin of the caste but the book written in sanskrit having no other vesion,talks nothing aboth the misterious origin of the Namasudra.The book was edited by binoytosh Bhattacharya cosulting three manscripts kept in Mumbai, Dhaka and the assiatic society in kolkata. Mr bhattacharya mentioned that the best one was at Dhaka unioversity and there were some miscelleneous tales which he left while editing.Perhaps there should be one which bears the said tale . I have not examined the same from Dhaka but the published three part of the said book and the manscript at the Assiatic Society and find nothing regarding the mith. In my opinion this mithical presentation is fericated when the said clan claimed and launched movement for Brahmin status.Some Maheas Tarkalanker written such a tale expressing Namas were son of a great sage named Namas.But it is false and fericated,for protecting the interest of the Brahmin their representative MAHES wrote the rubish.There is no Historical or pouranic or ethnical proof which have to search in long past about gonds, the Hiranya kASIPU DYNESTY, the king of Matsya desh, Guha mentioned in the Ramayana, in Das Dasyu,Asur mentioned in Vedas, The antajas in Brshmans later who were called chandal in Smrities.
Regarding the things that have been discussed something must be written. The person who declares himself to be well aware of Sakti Sangam Tantra is committing silly mistakes in English Language is astonishing. Most probably he wants to prove that he belongs to this community but we can easily understand where does he belong to and what is his intention.What is in Sakti Sangam Tantra is a nonsense issue.There is practically no history of any Bengali castes . Most of it are fabricated during British regime.Chandal is neither a caste nor a community -name , the apartheid worshippers named what ever they liked. A section of the Highly Educated Bengalees are trying their best to antagonise the Namasudras against the Brahmin community. The document is a Vyavastha. There is no question whether Brahmin accept them or not. This is absolutely immaterial , the problem is the hidden apartheid. And "Sudra" or "Chandal" is very strong venomous apartheid tag .It was half removed .And it has to be removed or this community will be erased by slaughtering as was done in Marichjhhappi. Regarding Pundra issue , it was in reference to 1911. They were never untouchable ,even when the list of communities which cannot enter PURI's mandir included Piralis , the Pundras were not in the list.And in every community they want higher varnas not avarnas. But now a days even a namasudra-brahmin relation is not at all discussed.The division of Bengal has liberated the people. The story of Namas was not formulated by any Brahmin , it was formulated by Hariguruchand Thakur's disciples. Mythology is formulation if you love a community and it is fabrication if you hate them.The 40 odd Brahmin pundits supported and signed it in a Vyavastha. The New name NAMASSEJ is well known and it has no alternative. Already hundreds of associations have been formed for Namassej .Verhudtbrahma is also justified for there is a village Bharhut ( Verhudt ) situated in a place very near to what some SScholars think to be the place of this Tribe .Definitely the word has come from there. In an apartheid culture there cannot be any written history of the Avarnas. Again the community do not want to adopt the Name of the Brahmin TRIBE. I donot think it is any more possible for them to give up their forefathers' premonition.
One person has told many things but nothing is clear.He tried his best to antagonise the namassejas against Brahmins .Can they site a single instance where Brahmins have gained an advantage by declaring the Vyavastha? This had always been the unnamed sudas' accusations but they never write anything against the hidden apartheid rather they enjoy the advantage ; this is the most dangerous opportunism of these people. But the person has mentioned one term "Gond" , which was never known to any one of Bengal until One Bengal C.M. forcefully settled some people of the Namassejas in M.P. of INdia among the Gond-inhabited villages. Since the community did not practice the apartheid of the Educated peoples and the poorest part was helpless to do anything other than to observe their identity being absorbed into the vast population ( although a very large portion shifted to other places) , A SECTION is SHARPENING THEIR PENS TO RAISE A NEW ISSUE OF "GOND" .Mr.N.K.B. USING HIS POSITION TRIED HIS BEST BUT TRUTH FARED AND IT WILL FARE AGAIN AND AGAIN. BUT YOU ARE TOO LATE MR. APARTHEID . THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR PLOY. . NAMASSEJAS WOULD FARE THE DEAL. MAY VERHUDT CONTINUE TO BLESS THEM. THE COMMUNITY CONSCIENCE IS THE VEDA .AND THE SSEJVEDA STARTING WITH THE TWELVE COMMANDMENTS OF SRIHARIGURUCHAND IS ON THE VERGE OF BEING PUBLISHED. SO WE REQUEST EVERYONE NOT TO WRITE SOCIO-POLITICALLY MOTIVATED DISCOURSES.LET THE COMMUNITY IDENTITY BE SOLVED BY THE MEMBERS THEMSELVES. NO MALIGNING NO HIDDEN APARTHEID.
Dear Friends, This is for our awareness.I would like to mention the Name of the Pundits(Brahmins) signing the Vyabastha ( A document which declared the origin of the Namasudras as it was the custom in Hindu society in absence of a King) Mahamahopadhyaya Rashmohan Sababhoum And 1)Ramtanu Tarkasiddhanta(Burdwan) 2) Ramdhan Bidyalankar , Gangadhar Bidyaratna(Guptipara) 3) Krishnagopal Tarkaratna ( Shantipur) 4) Karticsankar Tarkalankar , (Halalia) 5) Harendranath Tarkabagish (Dainya) 6) Krishnasundar Nyaratna (Abadpur) 7) Jagatbandhu Srititirtha( Alishakanda) 8) Janakinath Bachaspati , Haranath Nyayabagish ( Binnafair) 9) Gangananda Siromani (Hatail) 10) Brahmanarayan Bidyaratna (Mamudnagar) 11) Baikunthanath Bidyaratna , Nabakishore Bidyabhushan (Deuli) 12)Trailokyanath Sankhyaratna (Mathuranagarbati) 13) Jagachchandra Sritiratna (Pathrail) 14) Shibcharan Srititirtha ( Kustia) 15)Brahmananda Siromani (Shikarpur) 16) Dayamoy Bidyaratna ( Shuvadya) 17) Chandrashekhar Bidyabhushan ( Mathuravarenga) 18) Dinanath Bidyalankar ( Lakhibilas) 19) Brajagopal Kabyaratna( Chonbaria) 20) Hargobinda Bidyaratna (Bakail) 21) Umashankar Kabyatirtha (Kalagaria) 22) Shivnath Chakrabarty( Daulatpur) 23) Bipinchandra Kabyatirtha , Sasi Kumar Siroratna , Mahimchandra Bidyabhushan , Bisweswar Tarkapnchanan , Dwarikanath Bidyaratna , Chandrakanta Tarkabagish (Kotalipara) 24) Sudarshan Kabyatirtha ( Salilgram) 25) Krishnadas Bedantabagish , Sambhuchandra Nyayabhushan (Chandsi) 26) Sashibhushan Sritiratna , Parbatinath Tarkasiddhanta (Narail) 27) Umakanta Nyayaratna (Duliadanga) 28) Janakinath Tarkachuramoni ( Nayakandi) 29) Bishweswar Tarkaratna ( Pansa) 29) Chandrakanta Tarkalankar (Sherpur) This is the coplete list. But I would like to say that it is their GREATNESS to sign this charter hundred years back in 1906 . Mr. we must be reasonable to accept our forefathers' folk discourse in Edited form and the name as NAMASSEJ as they have told although you will find that our forfathers documented number of Gotras e.g. Kashyap ,Goutama ( through this Harichand was related to earlier prophets by his followers ) , Bhardwaj, Lomasha , Shandilya . This is the list , you can verify my dear friend, there is no Mahes or Mahis .Do not lie or write deliberate misspelled words to prove that as a member of Namasseja community you are writing this. Please do not preach hidden apartheid .The community has not done anything wrong to you.
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