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Las Vegas Luxury Hotels - Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada

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The bright lights and big city feel of Las Vegas can only be topped by the special attention and service that you receive once you enter a hotel or casino. Staying in a room in Las Vegas can maybe seem like an oxymoron on the surface, but there is no better place to go for some rest and relaxation if you are looking to bask in a life of luxury for a few days. Some of the most luxurious rooms in Vegas can be found right on the Strip at the various hotel/casinos, providing easy access if you do find the time to leave your room.

Signature at MGM Grand/SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand

When arriving at the Signature, you feel as though you are entering your own private vacation home. With a gated entrance only accessible by patrons staying at the Signature along with concierge service once you are inside the hotel, the Signature can provide you with all of the comforts of home during your stay in Vegas. Speaking of comforts, instead of going to a spa within the hotel, the spa comes to you. Many in-suite spa services are made available to the person(s) staying at the Signature. While the Signature is a separate building from the MGM, the SKYLOFTS is actually a room located on the top floor of the casino. The room takes on a modern view that screams Las Vegas without the flashing lights and loud noises. The SKYLOFTS also has a personal concierge service that can provide with anything you need throughout your stay at the MGM.

Luxor Hotel

The 350-foot pyramid that has become synonymous with the helicopter view of the Las Vegas night skyline is otherwise known as the Luxor Hotel. With two 22-story towers and the aforementioned pyramid offering 30 floors of rooms, the Luxor Hotel provides some of the highest-end luxury for the best value on the Strip. Rooms that have refrigerators, dining room areas, and flat-screen LCD HDTVs are all the norm in the high-end suites of the Luxor. With access to any one of the Luxor’s three swimming pools along with complete care at the full service spa/salon, the Luxor Hotel provides you with all of the luxury that you could ever want.

Some other places to look up when looking for top-of-the-line luxury during your stay in Vegas are: THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, the brand-new M Resort, Wynn/Encore, and Loews Lake Las Vegas (located in Henderson). These hotel properties also offer some of the most luxurious amenities one could ever hope to find in Las Vegas.

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