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Mirage Hotel Vegas - Las Vegas - The Mirage Hotel/Casino Review

las vegas mirage hotel

With a great location towards the south end of the Strip, the Mirage has been a longstanding tradition within the city of Las Vegas that continues to better with age. The Mirage was at one time THE hotel to stay at in Las Vegas. However, the past couple of decades have produced decadent attempts by other hotel/casinos to take what the Mirage did and simply magnify it ten-fold.

As is the case with most things in life, the original is simply the best. A sense of elegance hits you once inside the fabulous lobby of the Mirage. With a dedication to the use of dark wood textures to create the ambiance, the Mirage has reinvented itself in the image it helped to create. Speaking of the lobby, do not forget to check out the overwhelming 53-foot aquarium that is located at the forefront of the lobby. Tropical fish adorn the waters and give you the sense that you are entering a kind of simple paradise.

Once you get yourself checked in, you will want to enjoy the trip through the tropical rain forest that the Mirage provides as a backdrop on your way to the casino floor. Once inside the casino, you’re immediately hit with a renewed sense of vigor and energy, as the general tone in the room is usually upbeat and enveloping.

Making it to your room provides another series of pleasant surprises for your enjoyment. The 42-inch LCD TVs and all encompassing bed linens will make you feel like you are at your home away from home. The bathroom provides plenty of room to soak in the tub or groom yourself in the mirror.

Sticking with the hotel’s amenities, you will most certainly find the tropically-themed pool at the back of the hotel to be very appealing. After you’re done with your morning swim, you can relax in the day spa where the staff is more than happy to cater to your every need.

With 11 restaurants on site, large rooms that give you plenty of living space, and a wide assortment of amenities that are sure to make you feel right at home, the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas has certainly done a nice job of reinventing itself to be more like, well, its original self.

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