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Cheap South Beach Hotels - Can South Beach Actually be Cheap?

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Odds are, when you think of South Beach, you do not think it would be cheap or inexpensive. In reality, however, you can actually find cheap hotels in South Beach in Miami. Just like any other thriving, popular vacation destination, South Beach can be a reasonable choice for your next beach vacation.

South Beach is well known for being the place to spot celebrities and famous people. In fact, just strolling along the boardwalk, could bring you upfront and personal with some famous people. You do not have to stay in the most expensive, beachfront property to enjoy this beach area.

There are actually several hotels on Collins Avenue, which runs parallel to the beach, that are affordable. You do not have to stay at the Delano Hotel to have a good time. Some other cheaper hotels in South Beach would be the Shelbourne Hotel, The Blue Moon Hotel, The Richmond Hotel, and many, many more. You can also stay in a cheap hotel nearby as long as you have transportation over to South Beach. Remember, though, that most of the nightclubs and bars have cover charges in that area and are extremely hard to get into, so budget accordingly.

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