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Oxford Cheap Hotels - Finding Cheap Hotels in Oxford

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Traveling to the UK on a budget and planning to stay in Oxford? Luckily, despite the splendid British atmosphere, cheap hotels are fairly easy locate, especially using the Internet to check for local specials, off season rates and package deals.

There are numerous approaches you can take to finding cheap accommodations in Oxford, depending on your personal preference. If you are looking for a plain budget hotel room where you can park your luggage and flop at the end of a busy day, check into the standard chain hotels like the Days Inn, they are common in England. You won’t find a lot of frills or local culture, but you will have a safe, clean room to call home during your visit.

However, for a cheap room with more of a local British flare, check into the self-catering accommodations in and around Oxford. You can often rent a whole furnished apartment or cottage for the same cost as a hotel room. And you have the ability to save even more money by preparing your own foods since most include a fully equipped kitchen. Self-catering accommodations offer tenants a chance to participate in local English events, join in neighborhood gatherings and hear local tips on nearby London attractions that do not make it into the tourist guides

Another way to secure cheap lodgings in Oxford is to sign up for a package tour that includes airfare and car rental along with the hotel room. This can significantly reduce the rate of all three services and spare you the hassle of coordinating multiple reservations. Also be alert for off-season specials, last-minute bargains and pre-booking bonuses. To keep abreast of cheap hotel rooms in Oxford, consider subscribing to newsletter or online travel service that can alert you when prices are at their lowest.

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