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Cheap Hotel Minneapolis - Finding a Cheap Hotel in Minneapolis

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Finding a Cheap Hotel in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has some unique advantages which make it a great place to find a relatively cheap hotel. It has extreme weather which makes some seasons very affordable, while also offering a large number of indoor attractions to allow for enjoyment of the city even in the winter. It also has a large quantity of hotels in business areas that empty out on weekends, making them affordable.

The two most hotel dense areas of the Twin Cities are Downtown Minneapolis and Bloomington (home of many upscale hotels on the west side, and the airport and Mall of America 8 minutes away on the east side). Both areas are major business destinations and offer significant discounts. Hotel rooms that cost $150-200 per night during the week can be obtained for well under $100 per night, and in the case of some hotels as little as $59, on the weekend. Since Minneapolis is extremely easy to get around and since many tourist destinations are located either in or between downtown and Bloomington, these zones are extremely attractive. Furthermore, rates in the winter are anywhere from 20-50% lower than in the summer.

To save even more money, consider using one of the opaque bidding sites like Hotwire or Priceline to find a really cheap hotel in Minneapolis. Although these sites offer non-refundable reservations where the name of the hotel is not known until payment is made, great deals abound. Hiltons and Sheratons in Bloomington can frequently be found for as little as $39 per night, and the Hyatt Regency downtown can be found for as little as $41 per night. Midweek rates through these sites frequently fall in the $45-65 per night range for business-class and upscale hotels (Hilton, Sheraton, Westin, Hyatt) during the mid-season.

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