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Jacksonville Cheap Hotel - Cheap Hotels in Jacksonville, Florida

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One of the best Florida cities to visit has to be Jacksonville. This city is only about an hour and a half from Orlando and is many times booked as a side beach trip to a Disney vacation.

Jacksonville is a large city with hotels in every price range. There are many large corporations in this city and many of the hotels cater to business travelers. Many of the newer business hotels, like the Indigo Hotel, are being built to appeal to the discriminating, savvy traveler. These hotels offer gyms, spas, pools, and restaurants.

Of course, Jacksonville is also known for its beaches. A beachfront property will cost more than a hotel that is across from the water or a few blocks away. Families that are on a tight travel budget will often book cheap hotels that are within walking distance of where they want to be. Having a hotel that is just across from the beach is still convenient and the money you save can be spent on miniature golf or eating out.

Like any large city, Jacksonville, has many inexpensive hotels that are competing for your vacation dollars. Always ask if there are any specials going on or if they offer any packages. Getting a buffet breakfast included can fill you up in the morning and save you money on eating out. Many of these buffets have fresh fruit on their display. Take a few pieces with you to eat while on the beach and you might not need to spend money on lunch.

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