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Discount Hotel New York City - Finding Discount Hotels in New York City

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Finding discount hotels in New York City is not as hard as you might think. If you are flexible with your travel dates and flexible with where in the city you want to stay, then you can usually find a lower priced accomodation.

Location is directly correlated to price in New York City. This is true for any kind of real estate or hotel stay. A hotel room that overlooks Central Park is going to cost much more than a view of an alley or parking lot. Consider how much time you will actually be spending inside your hotel room and you might discover that the view does not really matter at all.

Another way to save money on hotel in New York City is to look for packages and deal. While hotels might be full during the week due to business travelers, the weekends are usually operating at a lower capacity. Ask if there are any specials or packages going on. You might find a Broadway Package that includes tickets to a show or a package that includes breakfast each morning. These extras might be very appealing to you and would have a great impact on your travel budget.

Another way to save money is look into using airline and hotel points to get a free stay. Check to see if there are black out dates and try to be as flexible as you can. Getting your hotel stay for free or even at a reduced rate will leave you with more money to spend on sightseeing and attractions.

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