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Hotel Rooms New Orleans - Choosing Hotel Rooms in New Orleans Depends on Why You're Visiting the City

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New Orleans, home to Mardi Gras and nicknamed the “Big Easy”. The city is popular with tourists year-round, although Mardi Gras sees the biggest crowds. When you are choosing a hotel room, the one you will select depends largely on what your purpose is in New Orleans.

New Orleans is perhaps best known as being a party-city. And the primary party spot within the city is Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is not for young children, or people looking for good, wholesome family entertainment. Bourbon is home to some great food and tourist shops filled with interesting and fun souvenirs. The main event found on Bourbon is the night life, which really comes alive after the street is closed off to traffic at twilight and the many bars come to life. If you are visiting New Orleans to enjoy this party atmosphere you will absolutely want a hotel that faces Bourbon Street. For the ultimate experience and an optional bird’s eye view, choose a room that has a balcony on Bourbon Street. It is from these balconies during Mardi Gras that you can hear cries of “Hey Mister” and enjoy the ultimate party experience.

But New Orleans offers so much more than just partying. Away from Bourbon Street, New Orleans is a family friendly town featuring historic St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square. Just up the road you can tour Nottaway Plantation home, one of the plantation homes that survived the Civil War. The amazing duelling piano bar at Pat O’Brien’s and world-famous beignets can only be found in this city. The Riverwalk features fantastic shopping, entertainment and even an Aquarium. Swamp tours and picnics on the levee that holds back the Mighty Mississippi are just some of the other things that can be done in New Orleans. Finally, the shopping on Royal Street is beyond rival. On Royal Street you can find anything from an odd little knick-knack costing a few dollars to fine wool carpets, collectible artwork and antiques. On Royal Street you will find wares that you will never find again. But be forewarned: many of these shops and features close during the final week of Mardi Gras. If you are planning a family vacation, you will want to travel after that final week of festivities.

If you are interested in a family vacation that will allow your children to see the history of New Orleans, get a feeling of the Ante-bellum South and see the amazing cemeteries that are so often featured in movies; then choose one of the many hotels found on Canal, Royal or any of the other cross streets. Hotels near the Riverfront on Decatur, Chartres and Royal St and their crossroads will offer the greatest access to the fantastic dining, amazing shops and other features of the city. They will also provide you with the greatest sights and sounds of the city, making your vacation a truly memorable one.

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