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Carter Hotel New York - Hotel Carter New York: Affordable Stay At The Heart Of Times Square

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Times Square is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist districts in New York City. It is home to the world renowned Broadway theater district, the annual new year celebration, and plenty of diverse shops and restaurants. Times square is also within walking distance to popular attractions such as Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, Diamond District, Madison Square Garden, MoMa, and much more. With the 42 Street subway station, Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, and Port Authority Bus Terminal, Times Square area is served by the largest transportation hubs in New York City.

In Times Square and midtown Manhattan, there is no shortage of hotels to accommodate the large number of visitors. If you are on a limited budget but want to stay at the center of all the action, then consider lodging at the Hotel Carter New York.

Located at the heart of Times Square on West 43rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenue, the Hotel Carter New York offers unbeatable low prices. When you stay at this hotel, you can save a lot of money and instead spend it on the nearby entertainment, dining, and sightseeing. Many of the guest rooms at the Hotel Carter New York are priced at less than $100 per night. You can spend as low as $76 for a room with a single bed. This is a real bargain, as many other nearby comparable hotels charge well over $200 per night. Of course the most luxurious hotels can cost way over $500 for an overnight stay.

The Hotel Carter New York has a total of 700 rooms, which feature plain decorations and simple amenities. You can expect to have a bath, phone, TV, desk, carpets, and plain beds in your room. The lack of luxury is quickly overshadowed by the great views of Times Square and midtown Manhattan. Remember, that this is an excellent budget hotel that offers basic accommodations for a visit to New York, but will save you a lot of money.

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