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Cheap Hotel Tickets - Great Tips on Getting Cheap Hotel Tickets

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One of the most expensive parts of a vacation or business trip is, of course, the hotel stay. The good news is getting cheap hotel tickets isn’t difficult and, in most cases, can save you up to half off your hotel bill.

Try online travel sites. There are many online travel sites that negotiate with hotels to lower their prices in order to be featured on the website. Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity are among the many online travel companies that specialize in this, and they can also get you a discounted package that includes airfare and car rental.
Call ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask. Before going on a trip, call the hotels in the area and ask for their best price. Even though hotels have a list price that they go by, management is allowed to offer the room for a significantly cheaper rate.
Take advantage of off-season. When are you traveling? If it’s out of season for that area, you can be sure of getting cheap hotel tickets. Hotels operate at less than half-full during these times of the year and they want your business. Press them for a cheaper hotel reservation and you’ll probably get it.
Join a hotel’s membership rewards program. Hotels are desperate for loyal patrons. When you join their membership you begin earning discounts towards future stays. What the hotel is looking for is repeat customers, and they’ll give you cheap hotel tickets as a thank you.
Look for hotels with restaurants. You can save even more money if you call ahead. Ask for a discount on your dining bill, such as a free entrée with the purchase of an entrée. You’ll be surprised at how many hotels are willing to participate, because they know they’re securing you, not only as a hotel guest, but as a dining guest as well.

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