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Reno Cheap Hotel - Cheap Hotels in Reno, Nevada

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“The Biggest Little City in the World” is home to some of the best entertainment in the entire world. With casinos lining the main streets, Reno has turned itself into a mini-Las Vegas with its nightly shows, generous comp packages, and world-class restaurants. When you’re in Reno, it is also easy to find quality, cheap hotels if you are looking to spend your money on things other than your lodging.

Club Cal Neva Hotel & Casino

It definitely will not be confused for the most modern-looking lodging option, but it provides a great sense of tranquility while leaving you with enough money to use on the casino floor. As the rooms are clean and have most of the comforts that you would find at home, there is no reason to scoff at the idea of staying at one of the cheaper hotel/casino establishments in Reno. At an average cost of $34/night to stay in one of their rooms, Club Cal Neva is a great way to save your money for other Reno-related activities while still enjoying a nice, comfortable night’s sleep.

Motel 6 Reno West

There are a plethora of Motel 6 and Super 8 hotels situated intermittently around the perimeter of Reno. However, the Motel 6 Reno West has been found to be one of the cheaper, yet cleaner places to stay on your trip. With room amenities that rival most of those found in downtown Reno and a staff ready to cater to your needs, the Reno West (located on Stardust St.) is yet another example of a quality, yet surprisingly cheap hotel in Reno.

Gatekeeper Inn

At $59/night, you cannot go wrong if you choose to stay at the Gatekeeper Inn. A helpful and friendly staff is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about this independently run well-known secret in downtown Reno. As you are only 2 blocks away from the Reno strip, a short walk or taxi ride will get you where you need to be very quickly. Yet, the Gatekeeper Inn is also far enough off the strip where you can enjoy peace and quiet while you try to recover from those long days at the slot machines.

Other cheap hotels in Reno include: Town House Motor Lodge, Hawthorn Suites Reno, and The Sands Regency Hotel & Casino

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