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Denver Cheap Hotels - Finding a Cheap Hotel in Denver, Colorado

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Whether you’re interested in skiing, exploring the Rocky Mountains or just in the mood for a mellow, inexpensive urban getaway, Denver, Colorado has a lot to offer visitors. Whatever your reason for coming to Denver, be assured that the city offers high-quality lodging options for all budgets.

Finding an inexpensive hotel in Denver is easy. Most hotels in the city are concentrated in several areas: downtown, near the site of the former Stapleton Airport, or on the southern Interstate 25 corridor near the Denver Technological Center. Each location has its benefits and drawbacks, but all offer options for finding cheap hotel rates. Downtown hotels have the best access to popular attractions such as the 16th Street Mall, the Denver Art Museum, and the city’s many sports venues. Prices in the area can be high, but most downtown hotels offer inexpensive weekend rates.

One of the best locations in the city for inexpensive accommodations is in east Denver, where Stapleton Airport used to be. The hotels that used to surround the airport now attract business by offering low rates and amenities such as free breakfast and 24-hour shuttles to Denver International Airport, which opened in 1994. The development of Stapleton into a mixed-use neighborhood means that there are many shopping and dining choices nearby, and hotels in the Stapleton area are an easy drive from downtown.

The Denver Technological Center is a magnet for business travelers, and numerous hotels in the area cater to customers on all budgets. Most major hotel chains have locations in the area, and even if you are a leisure traveler, this is a good place to find inexpensive lodging. The city’s light-rail system offers quick access to downtown from the Tech Center, and the Park Meadows Mall and other attractions are just a short drive away.

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