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Miami Cheap Hotels - Where to Find Cheap Hotels in Miami

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When the warm ocean breezes beckon you, it’s Miami calling. From the stunning beaches to the electrifying nightlife, Miami embodies life. The wealthy flock to Miami for rest and relaxation, so luxury accommodations are easy to find. But when the Florida shores whisper your name and your wallet is flatter than Mark Wahlberg’s abs, you need a budget hotel.

Cheap, clean, safe hotels are not easy to find in Miami. Most of the budget accommodations are located in less-than-optimal areas, or have been allowed to decline in service or amenities. When you need low-cost lodging, you need to be saavy. A simple internet search for cheap hotels in Miami will return a number of run-down accommodations that prohibit a good night’s sleep. The wise vacationer in search of budget accommodations does his homework.

Start by talking to a travel agent. Agents will sometimes have access to specials that the average traveler doesn’t. If that doesn’t turn up any great deals, let the internet help. Start by accessing travel websites like Roomsaver.com, Hotels.com, or Travelocity.com. Travelocity has a feature called Top Secret Hotels that allows a traveler to book a hotel sight unseen, similar to Priceline.com. While you can get a great price on some of these accommodations, many of them are offering these cut-rate prices because reviewers have given them low ratings.

Always follow up a great price with a survey of recent reviews. It won’t be worth the price if you can’t sleep because the door lock is broken.

If you are a member of a frequent stay program, some of these hotels offer great prices. If you are not a member, sign up and you can often get a great introductory price. Rack up enough points, and your stay is free. Now that’s the best price of all.

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