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Cheap Myrtle Beach Hotels - How to Find Cheap Myrtle Beach Hotels

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Myrtle Beach has it all for your vacation: hot sun, plenty of shopping, great food, pulsing nightlife, award-winning golf courses and, best of all, the beach. It’s no wonder so many people choose Myrtle Beach as their vacation destination. When you’re planning your next trip to Myrtle Beach, take advantage of these tips to land a great hotel room for less money. It will leave you with more to spend on fun!

It’s all about the timing. As with any popular vacation spot, hotel rates go up significantly during the peak seasons, which are spring break and June through September. If you can plan your trip during alternate months you’ll save a great deal of money on your hotel stay, and the fact that Myrtle Beach’s residents keep the city alive and thriving all year round means that you won’t miss out on the fun. S.C. is also quite a warm state. You’ll be able to catch a few rays during the off-season as well.
During peak season, change your view. Yes, being able to see the ocean from your balcony is wonderful, but that eye candy is going to cost you. Opt for an interior view or a street view and you’ll save money. A few streets in are several other hotels as well an extended stay hotel that rents by the week for a very reasonable price. The town of Conway is a mere twenty minute drive inland and has several hotels for less than you would pay at the beach.
Ask. There is nothing wrong with calling ahead and asking for a competitive price. Bear in mind, however, that during peak seasons hotels are in demand. Hotel managers will be less flexible because they know that if you don’t stay with them, someone else will be eager to take your spot.
Try a hotel/condo. There are several hotel/condos in Myrtle Beach, wherein each room is privately owned and rented out. These rooms are typically priced more affordably and include kitchens. Most offer amenities such as a bar, restaurant, and an indoor and outdoor pool. Some even offer bowling and lazy rivers.
Become an online member. Hotels love repeat customers. Become a member online and subscribe to their deals. You’ll be surprised by the prices they’ll advertise to you – some as low as $39 for an ocean-view during the off-season.

Make use of the cabs, stay safe, be responsible and have fun!

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