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New Orleans French Quarter Hotels - The Best Deals On New Orleans French Quarter Hotels

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New Orleans, located on the coast of Louisiana, is a widely visited tourist destination. One of the more popular areas within the city is the French Quarter, a rousing and lively cultural area packed with bars, restaurants, and quaint hotels. For those planning on vacationing here, finding accommodations can be a daunting task with the many inns that are available.

Some of the more luxurious hotels can be very pricey, but there are also some inns that offer competitive pricing for charming rooms. Here’s a summary of the better deals you can find for hotels New Orleans French Quarter.

Rather than staying in a large commercial hotel, tourists could try aiming for smaller, more intimate French Quarter hotels New Orleans, such as bed and breakfasts and locally owned inns. The upshot of staying in these types of hotels New Orleans French Quarter is that patrons are often greeted by the owners firsthand, who can provide tips and advice on the best attractions, restaurants, and local hotspots.

One such example is the Le Richelieu hotel, a quiet and clean hotel with richly decorated rooms that averages about a hundred dollars a night during off peak season, and only raising its price by $50 during popular months such as March.

Another way to find a good deal on New Orleans hotel French Quarter is to go directly to the hotel or inn’s website, rather than using a booking engine online. Oftentimes the hotel will have a better rate than the search engine does.

Visiting New Orleans during off peak seasons will net much better rates as well. Try booking in the fall or winter for more reasonable bargains, as the prices begin rising during springtime because of the many festivals that take place during that time.

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