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Warwick Cheap Hotels - Finding Cheap Hotels in Warwick

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Knowing where to stay is the most important part of budget travel. When you pass through Warwick, whether for an overnight stay or a week-long tour of the countryside, there are a few budget hotels worth considering. Of course, one of the most important things for a traveler to consider is how close their budget hotel is to the local tourist attractions, and in Warwick the main two attraction are Warwick Castle and the Warwick Race Course. Finding a hotel near these two attractions isn’t difficult, if you know where to look.

One hotel worth considering is the Globe Hotel, located in the old town centre of Warwick. This hotel occupies two lots in the centre of town and is ideally located for both the castle and the racecourse. The Globe is decorated in a laid-back Thai decor, and features an on-site Thai food restaurant that is open late into the evening for guests who spend too long roaming about town, and the staff is both helpful and friendly. The Globe is located less than a half-kilometre from the castle entrance and only one-quarter kilometre from the racecourse, and Warwick is a very walkable town, with shops and cafes open for those who want to walk about town enjoying the sites.

Located at the interchange leading into Warwick off the M40, the Holiday Inn Express Warwick is another excellent choice for those traveling on a budget. While the Holiday Inn lacks some of the charm of the smaller hotels in the area, it does offer both breakfast and lunch for guests, and the consistency of service one comes to expect from a major chain hotel. While located outside the town centre, the hotel is located less than two kilometres from both Warwick Castle and the racecourse, and the proximity to the M40 means that guests can expect to get in and out quickly when it’s time to move on.

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