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Cheap Hotel Deal

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How to Get a Cheap Hotel Deal

When travelling, many people can find that the hotels they want are painfully expensive. Even with all of the applied discounts and competitive pricing, the fact that hotels must sit idle for long periods of time means that they also tend to be very expensive in order to make up for lost earnings and empty nights. So how is one to get a cheap hotel deal when travelling to a new town or just visiting for a few days?

One of the best ways is to purchase a package deal. Many websites, booking services and travel agents can offer combined packages with significant discounts as far as the hotel costs are concerned. This is because they often buy or reserve hotel rooms in bulk or have other means of negotiating and locking in low rates. By doing so, they can pull down the price of a hotel by as much as 35%, although the discount is usually much closer to 10% or 15%. It is also possible in many cases to get a discount through agencies such as AAA or other travel-based insurance companies. These companies know their service is only useful to a traveler when they are away from home, so they help to negotiate lower rates for their members as well as even subsidizing the cost of some trips.

Another way to get a cheap hotel deal is to simply wait until the off season. Hotels are always desperate to fill their rooms during the off season, and if you are traveling to a specific state or town when no one else is, you are likely to be able to pick up significant benefits in terms of savings. It is also sometimes possible to get a cheap hotel deal by choosing an alternate, nearby city to stay in as opposed to the actual destination.

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