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Las Vegas Nevada Resorts - Tour a World of Resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada

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No one does resorts like Las Vegas, Nevada. No where else can you go to Italy and Egypt on the same day. Visit the resorts of Las Vegas, Nevada, to see the world.

Visit the Venetian for a taste of Italy. Stroll along a cobblestone walkway on the Grand Canal where you can shop at stores like Banana Republic, bebe and Movado. Enjoy dinner and a drink at Bella Panini or Nathan’s Famous. Take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal in an Italian Gondola. You will forget that you are in a Las Vegas resort in Nevada as your gondolier serenades you with, Oh Solo Mio. Visit the Venetian’s casinos for a taste of a Las Vegas, Nevada, resort. Whether it is Baccarat or Poker you prefer, the Venetian has them all. There are slots for high rollers, mega jackpots and fun slots like Happy Days. Play the night away until it is time to say, arrivederci.

Leave Italy for ancient Thebes. Las Vegas, Nevada boasts many grand resorts and topping the list is Luxor. The Great Pyramid of Las Vegas greets you alongside a massive rendition of the Great Sphinx of Giza. The 350 foot tall black glass pyramid is just 130 feet shorter than the Great Pyramid of Giza. World-class cuisine, first-rate entertainment, shops and nightclubs like Liquidity are just the start of this exciting Las Vegas, Nevada resort. The casino has everything you would expect from a first class resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Try your hand at Texas Hold’em and European Roulette before heading over to the 1,500 slot machines that Luxor boasts.

If Italy and Egypt are not enough for you, then visit New York- New York and Caesar’s Palace to name a couple more of the fantastic and exciting resorts of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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