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Lafayette Louisiana Hotels - Large Variety Of Lafayette, Louisiana Hotels To Choose From

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Lafayette, Louisiana is located in the heart of Cajun country. Surrounded by beautiful bayous and historic gardens, this area is the ultimate place to experience the true Louisiana.

When looking for Lafayette, Louisiana hotels you will find you have a lot to select from. There are over 33 major chain hotels in Lafayette and countless private hotels and inns.

If you are searching for a quiet hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana to spend a romantic weekend, you may wish to consider one of the historic bed and breakfast inns located throughout the city. These historic homes have been converted into beautiful hotels. You will find many different choices in the grden districts as well as in the heart of the city.

Interested in a spa-type resort? There are several 5 star hotels to select from in Lafayette. They offer all the pampering and posh surroundings that you could find at an island resort, but in the heart of Louisiana.

The Lafayette area offers many fine dining experiences in Cajun, Creole and Acadian foods. Most of the Lafayette hotels have fine dining areas that will allow you to experience the unique Louisiana cuisine in comfort.

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