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Berlin Luxury Hotels - Cash is King at Berlin Luxury Hotels

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Yes, you may have made a reservation with a Berlin luxury hotel using a credit card. Unless you paid for your entire stay all online, you will need to bring enough cash with you in order to pay your bill. Some Berlin luxury hotels have credit card machines but not all of them. Also, the machine may be broken by the time you get to the hotel. It takes a long time for credit card machines to be fixed in Berlin.

If their credit card machine is broken, Berlin luxury hotels know that you will be in a bind. They will try to help you find an ATM machine compatible with your credit card so you can withdraw cash. You may be able to negotiate not paying the bill until you check out. But many Berlin luxury hotels prefer you pay for at least two nights of your stay up front.

Never try to pay your bill at Berlin luxury hotels with travellers’ checks. They are not acceptable in Berlin or most of Germany. Your best bet is to find an ATM at either of the Berlin airports you arrive in and withdraw enough cash to pay for at least two nights, plus some extra for food and for taxi fare. Remember that “taxi” in German is “taxi.” Berlin taxi drivers are surprisingly honest and often are equipped with GPS systems.

Luxury hotels and smaller places to stay in Berlin often have credit card machines if you are staying in the Mitte district. The further from Mitte your hotel is, the less likely it will have a credit card machine.

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