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Disney Hotel Deals - Taking Advantage of Disney Hotel Deals

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Although many hotels near Disney parks in Florida and California discount their rooms aggressively, it is almost impossible to find a Disney hotel on a discounted website. Disney not only does a good job of filling their rooms, but they also control access to those rooms to control their pricing levels. That being said, there are two ways to get a great deal on room at a Disney owned property.

For groups who want either a great deal of space or of amenities, a villa at a Disney Vacation Club property is perfect. The problem is that actually renting these rooms from Disney is extremely expensive, with pricing typically starting above the levels for Deluxe resorts. A quick internet search will reveal sites where DVC members who are unable to use their allocated points for a given year will rent the right to use their points for a set fee. This rental arrangement can frequently save 50% over the cost of a direct with Disney reservation.

The other secret is to take advantage of Disney’s seasonal variable pricing. In 2010, Disney World has five different seasons. Depending on the season, the same room at a Moderate resort can vary from $149 up to $234 per night. Booking for the Value season can save $575 a week over booking at a peak time. In addition to this, Disney has recently been offering promotions such as free dining, which is worth $100 per day for a family of 4, a gift card, or free additional days to fill rooms during off periods.

Finally, the best deal is to stay at a cheaper hotel. Although there are significant benefits to staying on property, if one plans to spend little time in one’s room, dropping from a Deluxe to a Moderate resort can save as much as $130 per night.

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