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Rome Hotel Deals - Finding Hotel Deals in Rome, Italy

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If you are planning a trip over to Rome, Italy for your next vacation, then be sure to research and compare hotel prices. Rome is filled with lovely, quaint properties that range from 2 stars through 5 stars. Knowing what you want to do and see on your trip, will help you find the best property for your needs.

Location has the most to do with hotel prices in Rome. If you want to stay near the Trevi Fountain, or the Spanish Steps, then you will most likely be paying more for your accomodations. Map out the attractions you want to visit and try to find a central area where it makes sense to stay. If you could walk to most of the attractions, it will surely save you money.

Even the high end hotels in Rome will offer specials and packages, so be sure to ask when you are getting rates. If you are member of AAA, you can try to find properties that will offer you a discount. When researching, be sure to also ask the major travel companies that cater to Italy, like Perillo Tours and Alitalia. These companies secure special lower rates because they guarantee a certain number of bookings each year. You might find that you can get a great deal by going through one of these companies.

Of course, you can also cash in your airline or hotel miles for free nights. Even getting just one or two nights free can help. It might mean that you can stay at a better hotel for the rest of the nights. Doing your homework and researching rates ahead of time is key to finding great deals in Rome.

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