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Florence Cheap Hotels - The beautifule city of Florence with beautiful hotel prices- cheap hotels in Florence

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There is a reason why Florence, Italy was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Millions of visitors flock to experience the sites, smells, and tastes of the capital of Tuscany. Some will spend exorbitant amounts of money to stay in the city, but spending a lot of money on hotel rooms in Florence is not a requirement to visit this magnificent city. There are many hotels in all classes that offer great value hotel rooms. For a good bargain in the luxury class, travelers should look at the Hotel Athenaeum. Located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood in Florence close to the Statue of David, the Hotel Athenaeum is convenient to the Academy Gallery, the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori, and the Florence Botanical Gardens. Rooms in the Hotel Athenaeum include such amenities as flat-panel LCD televisions, refrigerators, and a bidet in every room. Rates for summer weekend travel were found on a number of different travel sites starting at $160 per night. Families or groups of travelers should look at the Florence Apartments for an outstanding value in the luxury class. This four star property is within walking distance of the Palazzo Pitti, the Ponte Vecchio, and the Santa Maria Novella train station, and rates were recently advertised on the most popular internet travel site at a summer weekend rate of $109 per night. Each room can accomodate up to four guests, and each room includes a kitchen, bidet, air conditioning, and a sofa bed. Another great budget option is the Hotel Centro. Located in Campi Bisenzio about 6 km from the Florence airport, this 3 star property features air conditioning and bidets in each room along with a bar/lounge on the property and complimentary parking. Rates for weekend summer travel were found on a number of different internet travel portals for less than $60 per night.

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