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Cheap Hotels San Diego - How to find cheap hotels in San Diego

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San Diego is a fairly large city and like most, there are a number of suburbs and districts where one can find cheap hotels that offer affordable nightly and weekly rates. Fortunately these hotels are located in a variety of settings that range from beach and coastal, to near downtown areas, and in many of the outlying communities as well.

Cheap San Diego hotels along the coast, such as the Heritage Hotel near Sea World were built in the era when brick construction was the standard of the industry. The interior finishes in both of these classic buildings still have some of the original paneling and plumbing fixtures. The rates are far less than any of the name hotel chains and most major credit cards are accepted.

Downtown San Diego is home to cheap hotels on Broadway, between 5th and 10th avenue, and on Front Street near 1st avenue. Further information regarding discount hotels in the downtown area can be obtained on line by using keywords such as budget hotels and budget hotel rates.

In addition there are a number of older, cheap hotels along Interstate 5 in the Balboa Stadium area of San Diego. Because of the proximity to a major highway, these hotels are extremely popular and reservations are a must for anyone looking for one night or a weekend stay.

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