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Cheap Hotels Dublin - Three Beautiful Cheap Hotels in Dublin, Ireland

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While vacationing in Dublin, Ireland there are an array of beautiful cheap hotels. With their brilliant Irish architecture, these hotels not only satisfy the eyes, they also satisfy the wallet with rates starting below $100. A few great cheap hotels in Dublin are The North Star Hotel and Premier Club Suites, The Belvedere Hotel Parnell Square, and the Grafton Capitol Hotel. These three hotels will heighten the vacationing experience and guarantee a great time.

The North Star Hotel and Premier Club Suites is a great hotel for a generous price. With rates beginning at $77.22, this cheap Dublin hotel satisfies many budgets. The North Star Hotel and Premier Club Suites offers a fitness facility and a sauna to ensure adequate fitness during ones stay. While staying at The North Star Hotel and Premier Club Suites, one should never get hungry due to the restaurant and lounge located on the estate. After a long day, this cheap Dublin hotel also offers satellite television in each of their rooms to accommodate vacationers to some down time.

Another exceptional cheap hotel in Dublin is The Belvedere Hotel Parnell Square. This hotel is great for bringing along children. Any child twelve years old and younger who occupies the same room as their parents can room for free. The Belvedere Hotel Parnell Square has many generous features and facilities such as Wi-Fi internet access, a lounge that offers lunch items served until 10:30pm, conference rooms, and a breakfast room. Starting at rates of $77.22, this hotel can prove to be a great time without breaking the bank.

The most affordable hotel on this list is the Grafton Capitol Hotel. At rates starting at only $65.31, this hotel grants vacationers a cheap Dublin hotel room. One unique feature of this hotel is their babysitting and child care service. For parents who want to include their children on vacation, but want to spend some time alone, this hotel is most recommended. The Grafton Capitol Hotel also has a lounge, satellite television in all rooms, and Wi-Fi internet access. Vacationers that would love to see Dublin but cannot afford the expenses should consider checking into this cheap, beautiful Dublin hotel.

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