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Rome Cheap Hotels - When in Rome, stay in an inexpensive hotel like the Romans

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Rome has a huge tourism industry, with thousands of hotel rooms competing for the tourist dollar. There is no need for a traveler to pay a lot of money for a hotel room, even a luxury hotel room. There are a number of inexpensive options in every class for the traveler traveling on a budget. The Grand Hotel Tiberio is a modern luxury hotel located in the Balduina section of Rome. The hotel is close to many of the most famous attractions in Rome; it is 1.5 km from both the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Gardens. The hotel features a sauna, fully-equipped gym, cherry wood furnishings in every room, and a wonderful Italian restaurant on the premises which has an outside terrace. Several popular internet web portals are advertising weekday room rates in this four star hotel for $109 per night. Rome has a large inventory of luxury hotel rooms, and there are many luxury hotel options that have rooms for less than $200 per night. Two other luxury options worth a look in Rome are the Sheraton Hotel Roma and Conference Center and the Relais 6 Via Tolmino. The Sheraton Hotel Roma is located in the Business District, while the Relais 6 is located in the center of Rome near the Villa Torlonia. Both are great luxury choices which have rates that can be found on any of the popular Internet travel sites for less than $200 per night for weekday travel in the summer. For a uniquely Roman hotel that is substantially cheaper than the aforementioned hotels, the Hotel Le Petit is a great option. One of the neat aspects of this hotel is that every guestroom has both a balcony and a bidet; you will definintely know that you are not in a Super 8 in Wichita in this hotel. Guestrooms also have fax machines and air conditioning in addition to wireless Internet access for an added charge. The hotel in located in the Monterotondo neighborhood, close to the Villa Gregoriana. Incredibly, this hotel has rates that were recently advertised for summer travel on the biggest Internet travel site for $53 per night for weekday travel.

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