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Cheap Hotels Prague - Cheap hotels in beautiful, classic Prague

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Prague has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe since the Iron Curtain fell in 1989. One of the original reasons Prague was so popular was that it was very cheap compared to Western European destinations like Munich or Paris. Prices have risen substantially over the last two decades as the standard of living has risen in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic, but it is still possible to find inexpensive hotel rooms in all hotel classes. Prague has a number of good, clean budget hotels for less than $50 per night. Many of these hotels are located in central Prague around the Stadion Eden, and this area is a good place to look for budget options when the traveler arrives in Prague. The Hotel Fortuna Luna is one of the budget hotels located around the Stadion Eden, and rates can be found on the Internet for less than $40 per night for summer weekday travel. Guestrooms include balconies and free local calls, and the hotel provides a restaurant and bar/lounge on site. One thing to note about the guestrooms in this hotel is that the bathrooms have a shower only; the bathrooms do not have American-style bathtub/shower combinations. Other good budget options to look at that were found to have advertised prices less than $50 per night for summer weekday travel included the Hotel Vitkov, the Euro Praha, and the BoB. The BoB is a bed and breakfast located in the residential area of Praha 6. For those willing to spend a bit more money for a four star hotel experience, take a look at the Prague Central. The largest internet travel site has advertised summer weekday travel rates for the Prague Central at rates of between $65 and $75 per night. For slightly more than a budget one or two star hotel, this four star hotel offers a one bedroom apartment that can accomodate up to four persons. The apartment is equipped with a full kitchen and two bathrooms featuring a shower, toilet, and bidet. Especially for groups of travelers traveling on a budget, this hotel should definitely be looked at as a budget option.

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