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Amsterdam Cheap Hotel - Cheap hotels in wonderfully wild Amsterdam

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Amersterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and its airport is a gateway from North America and Asia to other destinations on the European continent. Travelers who want to spend a few days or weeks in Amsterdam do not have to spend a lot of money on hotel rooms. The best budget options in the Amsterdam area are found outside of the city; the village of Edam is a short drive from Amsterdam and is the location of a number of good inexpensive hotel options. The Hotel ’t Tolhuus is a two star hotel with 39 budget-priced rooms. The attractive rooms feature wireless internet access, private bathrooms, and air conditioning. Rooms are advertised on some of the most popular internet travel sites at $77 per night, although travelers with pets will be required to pay a $12 surcharge per night per pet to keep their pet in the hotel with them.

Budget travelers looking to stay in a unique four star hotel for a low price should look at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. The hotel features a unmistakable geometric shape, and is located about 6 miles from Amsterdam’s international airport, Schiphol Airport. Every guestroom is equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet, and a minibar. The hotel also has a restaurant with terrace on the premises that serves international cuisine. The hotel has been advertised for less than $120 per night for summer weekend travel on a number of the popular internet travel portals. As in many large cities, hotels located around the airport area tend to be cheaper in price. Most of the hotels around Schiphol Airport are not extremely cheap because they are typically of the three and four star variety. Having said that, many of these hotels can be can be booked on any of the popular internet travel sites at around $120 per night.

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