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Venice Cheap Hotels - How to Find Cheap Venice Beach Hotels

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With summer fast approaching, Venice Beach is a fantastic vacation destination. Venice Beach is known for its stunning scenery, spectacular shopping, and gourmet restaurants. Some may think hotels in this popular California hot-spot would cost a fortune. With a little research and know-how, you can find an amazing hotel at a cheap rate!
Since Venice Beach is a notorious tourist zone, there are many hotels in the area. More hotels means more competition among the hotels. With the supply and demand theory in affect, you are likely to save! The Cadillac Hotel offers great specials. The more nights you book, the more you save. The hotel features breathtaking views of Santa Monica Bay and the coastline to Malibu. Nightly rates are $100.
Venice on the Beach is another wonderful option. It is beachfront, offering guests a stunning view. This is a more affordable option if you are planning a long vacation.
If you find a hotel you would love to stay at, call and talk to them. The rate they give may be even lower than the advertised nightly rate. Also ask them to check other nights to see if the rate changes. By being flexible with your vacation dates, you will save big bucks. Weekdays tend to be less busy. Try traveling in the middle or end of the month. Avoid busy holiday weekends.
If you don’t mind a surprise, Hotwire.com can be an excellent source for hotels that are deeply discounted. They will not reveal the name of the hotel until after you have booked, but the savings can be up to 50%. Currently, they advertise a 4 star hotel near the airport with amenities such as full fitness center, pool, restaurant, office, and wifi, at a rate of $69!
Most importantly, enjoy your vacation and make the most of it! Memories last a lifetime!

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