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Seattle Cheap Hotels - No need to be sleepless in Seattle, there are budget rooms available

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Seattle is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. The city has many wonderful tourist sites, including the Pike Place Market and the Chinatown District. Travelers on a budget can find a number of different budget options in all hotel classes, with some of the best deals being found in the 3 and 4 star class hotels. The Hotel Monaco Seattle is a downtown boutique hotel that is within walking distance of the Seattle Art Museum, Pacific Place, and the Pike Place Market. This four star hotel features down comforters, Aveda bath products, and an LCD flat-screen TV with DVD player in every guestroom. The evening fireside beer and wine receptions that are held by the hotel are also a nice touch. Weekend summer travel rates were found at $150 per night on one of the popular Internet travel sites. There are a plethora of hotel options around the SeaTac International Airport that can be found on any of the Internet travel portals for less than $45 per night. Some of these options include the Skyway Inn SeaTac, the Sea Tac Valu Inn, and the Travelodge SeaTac Airport. All of these options are in the two star class, and feature clean rooms with full bathrooms and cable television. Another option for those looking for cheap rooms are the internet travel auction sites. While these sites have the drawback of not knowing which hotel the user will be staying at until after a bid has been placed, the user can find some incredible deals on these sites. The author of this article has used the largest and most advertised auction travel site many times for trips to Seattle, and was able to obtain rates for three star hotels in the Seattle area for less than $40 per night. While not for everyone, these sites should be considered when looking for budget options.

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