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Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas - How to Have Fun at the Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas

aladdin hotel vegas 1. recently renovated 2. huge buffet 3. shopping 4. shows and clubs

If you are planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas, then you know how many hotels are available to you. One of the absolute best is the Aladdin hotel. Located in the heart of the strip, the Aladdin can provide you with all the benefits and conveniences of the highest luxury hotels without breaking your wallet. Here are a few reasons you should consider the Aladdin for your next Vegas trip.

1. Recently Renovated

For the past several years, the Aladdin has been under construction. Many people complained that it didn’t quite look at beautiful as it always had in the past. That’s too bad for them, and excellent news for you. You will get to experience first-hand the results of hundreds of millions of dollars of modern amenities.

2. Huge Buffet

If you don’t look for it, you might miss it. Right in the middle of the Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas Casino is a secret escalator which will take you straight down to the Aladdin’s world class buffet. Featuring meals at every time of day, this buffet has been voted the best in Vegas several times.

3. Shopping

Usually Caesar’s Palace is known for their world class shopping, but the Aladdin runs pretty close. You can spend hours and literally get lost as you browse through the Aladdin’s indoor mall. While you shop, you can enjoy the beautiful hand painted ceiling that runs through the mall.

4. Shows and Clubs

If you don’t know what to do at night, the Aladdin Hotel, Vegas has more entertainment than you can ever hope to consume. One thing the Aladdin is well known for is their high quality magic acts. It was right here that Criss Angel launched his lucrative career.

Whether you are looking for good shopping, good food, good shows, or an excellent casino, the Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas definitely has what you’re looking for at a reasonable price.

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