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Ballys Hotel Las Vegas - How to enjoy Vegas while at Bally's Hotel Las Vegas

ballys hotel vegas

Bally’s Hotel Las Vegas is a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas strip. It is across from the Bellagio and provides a convenient location from which to enjoy Las Vegas. Bally’s in Vegas offers a number of entertainment options within its building and easy access to other points of interest in Las Vegas.

Inside the Bally’s hotel and casino in Las Vegas you will find a bar that has live music and dancing nightly, at least one show, the occasional special event or conference, and, of course, a number of slot machines and tables for gambling. For those that want a relaxing break from all the lights and sounds of Vegas, Bally’s Hotel Vegas also has a full service spa. Bally’s Hotel Las Vegas offers so much to do inside its walls that one could easily enjoy their entire vacation in Las Vegas without ever having to go outside.

Bally’s Hotel Vegas also offers a concierge service and information services to help you find other show tickets in the city. They can inform you of other options for your travel, such as trips from Vegas to the Grand Canyon or helicopter rides around the area. The staff at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas are knowledgeable and can help you enjoy your Vegas trip.

If you want to visit other casino, Bally’s Hotel and Casino is just moments away from other casinos. With the monorail that runs the length of the strip stopping just next to hotel lobby, travel between Vegas casinos is easy. Bally’s Hotel Vegas also has a free shuttle to Rio and is linked by a tunnel of shops to Paris. Of course, you can always walk to other casinos and shows in Vegas from Bally’s Hotel Las Vegas.

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