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Las Vegas Hotel Rates - Hotel Rates In Las Vegas

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Whether you are going out to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway or taking a week-long trip to enjoy the bright lights and big city atmosphere, there is no doubt that there are a plethora of hotels with various price rates that range from ridiculously cheap to exorbitantly expensive.

Starting with some of the lowest prices in the entire city, there is the $18/night Western Hotel & Casino. Now, this is bottom-of-the-barrel pricing as far as Las Vegas hotel rates go. Located on the famed Fremont St, the Western is able to provide you with a look into old-school Las Vegas – back to a time where Nevada, and Las Vegas, in particular was thought of a just another seedy town west of the Mississippi River.

There are many other Las Vegas hotels with rates that are well under three figures, including some hotels that also have casinos within them. Whiskey Pete’s is one such place where the room will only cost you approximately $38/night. If you are looking to stay closer to the Strip, there are also many options for extremely cheap prices, such as The Tropicana ($37/night) and the Wild West Gambling Hall & Saloon ($42/night).

When you are talking about the high end of the Las Vegas hotel rate pricing spectrum, you could very well be talking about rooms costing anywhere up to $5,000 per night. This is the price that The Mansion at MGM Grand will cost you while the Skylofts also at the MGM run about $1,600/night. The Mandarin Oriental in Vegas will cost about $430/night while another hotel/casino tandem, the Encore at Wynn, runs $380/night.

If you’re looking for real value for your lodging dollar and don’t want to spend all your money on the place where you sleep, there are some terrific opportunities for great hotels at prices that are a steal. For $79/night, you could stay at The Orleans Hotel & Casino located just off the Strip on Tropicana. Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall will charge you approximately $65/night while the Main Street Station (located between Fremont St. and the Highway) runs just under $70/night for the average room.

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