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Frontier Hotel Las Vegas - The Frontier Hotel: A Memory Of One Of The Original Resort Hotels On the Las Vegas Strip

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Once a lively and crowded place, The Frontier is now only a memory of Las Vegas’ favorite Old West themed hotel and casino. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, The Frontier offered travelers seeking a taste of the days of gold rushes and saloons exactly what they wanted. Unlike the many new resort hotels, The Frontier did not include continuous entertainment venues, but did host many events, and had numerous restaurants, shops and the famous Gilley’s, a unique saloon with a mechanical bull. Rooms were simple, but very clean and the rates were always affordable. As the amenities, entertainment, food and rooms became increasingly luxurious and competitive in Las Vegas, older hotels like The Frontier started to become less popular, but never lost their charm. Many gamblers reported winning generous amounts of money in The Frontier’s slot machines, and would return for that purpose.
Truly a Vegas original, The Frontier began in 1930 as a club. After several name changes, it was deemed as “The New Frontier” in the fifties. Almost two decades later, it was named “The Frontier” by its newest owner, Howard Hughes. Until its demolition, the name remained the same, but The Frontier was owned by several different people.
Many gathered within viewing distance of The Frontier on November 13, 2008, to watch a long-standing monument of the original Las Vegas fall to the ground. Fireworks surrounded the towering establishment as watchers witnessed the last few minutes of its existence, surrounded by glorious colors. After the implosion, the hotel’s remains were gone forever, but the memory of it will always be noted in Las Vegas history for anyone who enjoyed their stay there, and for Elvis fans, who know that The Frontier boasted the honor of Elvis Presley’s first live performance in Las Vegas.

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