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Las Vegas Air Hotel - How to Get Great Las Vegas Air Hotel Rates

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Las Vegas is a wonderful place for a vacation for a number of reasons. Those who enjoy gambling, of course, flock to Las Vegas, but the city has much more to offer than gambling. Great shows with star entertainers are available every night of the week. Amusement parks are great for family vacations, and for nature lovers, there is the stark beauty of the Nevada desert in easy reach.

Getting great deals on air fair and hotel is easy if you follow a few simple tips. First, get a package deal that includes both airfare and hotel. You can get great rates on some of the premier hotels in Las Vegas when you bundle the cost with your airfare.

Second, share a room. Most Las Vegas air hotel bundles are quoted based on double occupancy, so if you share a room with a friend, you will obviously get a much better deal on the hotel costs. Besides, who wants to visit Las Vegas alone.

Last, fly from an airport hub. Hubs are airports that airlines use as a site for passengers to transfer between planes. Often, flying from a hub for your airline will cost less than flying from a non-hub airport. Look for an airline that has a hub near you to bring down your airfare costs even more.

You can also get bundles with more than just Las Vegas air hotel. You can get bundles that include various show and entertainment tickets as well, with a discount on all of them. If you’re planning a Las Vegas vacation, look into bundling as many services as possible to save money and have a great vacation.

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