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Luxury hotels in England include Thornbury Castle in Gloucestershire. The location has been home to royalty since the 2nd century AD and the Tudor castle was built in the 16th century. The castle has had many royal visitors like Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Numerous bedchambers and suites are available to guests but the epitome of luxury is a stay in the tower bedchamber. Visitors enter the area greeted by a bouquet of red roses, a box of handmade chocolates, a bowl of fruit and a bottle of champagne.

The Armathwaite Hall Hotel in Keswick is tucked into a private 400 acre forest along the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake. The location has been home to England”s affluent since the 11th century. In addition to luxurious rooms and fine dining guests have access to a sauna, steam room, aroma room, billiard room, infinity pool, tennis court and a croquet lawn. The facility accommodates families with adjoining children’s rooms and youngsters have their own country club.

Seaham Hall Hotel is located in the eastern coastal town of Seaham, England. Once the home of Lord Byron, the estate exudes elegance inside and out. Many rooms have limestone fireplaces, two person baths and private terraces. Five different room types are available with the most elite being the penthouse suite featuring a private study, lounge, dining area and a massive bedroom and bath. The facility houses three separate kitchens to accommodate the various public dining locations and the private en suite rooms. Guests have access to a luxurious sauna, steam room, plunge pools and a massage/beauty treatment center available via underground tunnel.

41 Hotel London is in the heart of the city. An elegant black and white theme is accented with mahogany furniture and gold trim. Guests are welcomed to rooms with scented candles, fresh flowers and snacks that include fresh fruit. The rooms all boast marble bathrooms and many have open fireplaces. The conservatory master suite has its own skylight, which is visible by opening electric blinds.

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