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Luxury Hotels Paris - Best Luxury Paris Hotels

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Paris is a city known for its romantic atmosphere, fine dining, and amazing shopping. Many dream of taking a vacation to the beautiful city, yet few ever actually have the chance to experience a real Paris getaway. Paris is very different from the US. You will want to take in everything during your stay in the magnificent city. Where you stay can make a huge difference. Decide the type of hotel you would like. There are many variations when it comes to luxury in Paris. There are historic, boutique, and spa style hotels. Narrowing down your criteria, can make the search much easier.Paris hotels are not just some of the best in the city, they are some of the best in the entire world!
Hotel Plaza Athenee is considered a super luxury hotel. This exact hotel was where the very last episode of Sex and the City was shot! They offer basic rooms, in addition to full-luxury suites. From here, you can view the west side of the Eiffel Tower or the charming courtyard. The world-renowned Chef Alain Ducasse, serves up mouth-watering cuisine for an authentic Paris experience.
Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe is a hotel of classic luxury. It is ideally located in Paris’ Golden Triangle. It is just minutes away from the finest clothing stores. A Cles d’Or Concierge on hand anytime, day or night, to respond to all of your requests. Gourmet restaurants are on site. For leisure, golf is available.

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