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Best Hotels Los Angeles - Best Cheap Hotels in Los Angeles

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The City of the Angels has plenty to see and do, so you might as well get comfortable in one of the best value hotels in Los Angeles. This city is spread over 60 miles from north to south, however, the concentrated tourist industry lies mainly in the central, downtown and beach areas.

Downtown Los Angeles offers best bargain travel deals from the various motel chains and individual boutique hoteliers. Central to the Staples Center and the home of the L.A. Laker games, Figueroa Street is a prime location to gain easy access to the downtown dining, sporting events and low cost transportation on the Metro subway system. The main train station is located at Figueroa and 7th Street, and connects to Hollywood with curb service to Universal Studios via the Red Line. The Purple Line takes riders to Wilshire Boulevard and the Green Line heads out to Long Beach.

Hotels that are clean and comfortable on or near to Figueroa Street include the Westin Bonaventure and Marriott, located next to the Los Angeles World Trade Center. Across the street on Flower St, the Ritz Milner is a gem of a deal with complimentary breakfast, laundry facilities and a concierge service for well under $100 per night. Dining options are plentiful in this Bunker Hill location, with early morning breakfasts available from most venues to accommodate the business clientel at the crack of dawn. In addition, The Bonanventure Hotel is host to six floors of low cost dining options to include Subway, hamburger fare and an eclectic selection of Asian and Mediterranean restaurants.

If you prefer to relax in the Hollywood atmosphere, take a 15 minute ride on Red Line Metro subway to the Highland or Vine exits. Low cost quality hotels abound on Hollywood and Sunset Blvd to include the Roadway Inn next to the Kodak Theater, Hollywood Orchid Suites and the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, both a stone’s throw from the Wax Museum and the Chinese Theatre. If your prime destination is the Universal Studios Tour and Theme Park, take the Red Line northward to the Hollywood Heights Motel, an easy walk to the Hollywood Bowl or the Holiday Inn Express at Universal City for budget-crunching deals near to the park.

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