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Miami Hotel Deals - Miami Hotel Deals: Downtown and Beachfront Lodging

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Miami, Florida is a city that attracts local and international visitors for a variety of reasons such as business, education, entertainment, sports, and more. With a warm climate, oceanfront location, modern architecture and amenities, Miami is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all corners of the globe. When it comes to lodging and accommodations, there are plenty of hotels suitable for every type of budget and expectations.

Before searching for hotels in Miami, it’s important to get comfortable with the local geography. Downtown Miami has the central business district and is perfect for the business traveler. Neighborhoods such as Brickell and Omni offer high rising hotels such as Met Miami Marquis Hotel. Miami actually doesn’t have any beaches at all, as most of the shoreline is occupied by businesses, private homes, and marinas.

Those looking for hotels on the beach should stay at Miami Beach. The city of Miami Beach is an island located right across Miami and can be reached via the Julia Tuttle Causeway and Venetian Causeway. There are dozens of oceanfront hotels in Miami Beach, particularly in the district known as South Beach. The neighborhood of South Beach has the hottest nightlife in the Miami Area, with more than a hundred clubs and bars. Ocean Avenue and Collins Avenue are lined with dozens of hotels which many tourists select for their vacation.

Another area that offers great hotels in Miami is Key Biscayne. This is an island that can be reached via the Rickenbacker Causeway. Key Biscayne is a popular resort area with plenty of beaches and other recreational features, as it is home to Crandon Park. The tennis center at this Island hosts the annual Sony Ericsson Open, one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world. The luxurious Ritz Carlton features the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Center, which has more than ten courts.

Whether staying in the heart of urban Miami or along the relaxing beaches of Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, visitors can find great hotel deals anywhere. During the fall and winter months, the hotels in the Miami region tend to offer the cheapest rates because of the off-season. In general, you can expect to pay more than $100 per night at most hotels in the areas discussed earlier.

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