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Milan Hotel Deals - Milan hotel deals that are bellissimo

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Milan is a center of industry and tourism in northern Italy, and has a well-developed infrastructure to support the tourism industry. Great hotel deals can be found throughout Milan in all hotel levels. There are a number of hotels that are advertising rates of less than $65 per night on the popular internet travel portals; one that is a particularly good value is the Hotel Concorde in Gerenzano. This 4 star property is located about 20 miles from the city center of Milan, although the distance can be traversed easily via car or high speed train. The guestrooms all come equipped with air conditioning, bidet, and in-room safe. The hotel also offers a complimentary breakfast each morning for all of its guests. Another budget option located in Milan is the Gambara. The Gambara is a family-run hotel which was renovated in 2004. While rated at 1 star, the 13-room hotel featues spacious rooms with a concierge desk available to help the traverler. This hotel was found on several of the popular web travel sites for under $65 per night for weekday summer travel.

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