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Phoenix Hotel Deals - How to Find Great Hotel Deals in Phoenix

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It is very easy to get a great deal on a hotel in Phoenix. Simply visit in summer. Because most of the city’s tourist infrastructure is built for winter time visitors taking advantage of the temperate climates, these properties frequently sit empty in summer. It is not uncommon to find a room for one-quarter what it would cost during winter. Furthermore, Phoenix has an excellent infrastructure to make summertime bearable. Even without the infrastructure, though, summer is very comfortable when one is sitting in either an air-conditioned restaurant or in a pool sipping a frozen adult beverage.

In addition to this, rates in downtown areas which, in Phoenix, are almost all business, tend to plummet on the weekends. On the other hands, resort areas frequently offer discounted rooms during the week.

Phoenix offers an extremely large selection of lodging at all price levels. Because it is such a large and competitive market, opaque bidding sites such as Hotwire and Priceline offer an especially compelling way to find a great deal on a room. Even at peak times, odds are that a number of properties will have significant vacancy that will be available through these sites at great discounts. Savvy travelers can take advantage of these discounts for even greater savings. Even though these sites can present some risk due to their opaque nature, one of the benefits of Phoenix is that even business hotels there can feel like resorts by the standards of other cities. For example, the Hilton in Tempe near Sky Harbor Airport features a courtyard pool with adjacent bar and adobe architecture. By the standards of most communities, it would be a small resort, but in Phoenix, it is just a run-of-the-mill airport hotel. Such is the benefit of the ample land for construction in this sprawling city.

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