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Carmel Valley Hotels - Finding the Best Carmel Valley Hotels

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Carmel Valley, California is among the very finest wine districts in the world. As befits a destination of this quality, there is no shortage of fine hotels for the discriminating traveler. Many of the resorts in this Monterey area are directly tied to the wineries and wine tasting rooms associated with them.

The resort hotels of this region run at premium rates. In particular, Bernardus Lodge, Gardiner’s Resort and Carmel Valley Lodge are options that are rated highly regularly by visitors using various services. The first two tend to run higher rates while the third is more moderate. For those wishing to lodge more economically, there are multiple hotels available in nearby Salina, Monterey County with public and tour buses available. Automobile travel is not recommended between Carmel Valley wineries and wine tasting rooms due to limited parking and roads.

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