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Boone North Carolina Hotels - Rising Above in a Boone, North Carolina Hotel

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There are very few vacation destinations as lovely as Boone. No matter the season of the year, Boone, North Carolina hotels are the perfect place for a leisurely vacation. Home to Appalachian State University, Boone is a busy college town with a laid back Southern atmosphere. The surrounding mountains provide trails for hikers, spots for camping and lovely scenic drives. The climate provides Boone with the best of the best. Summertime highs are usually in the seventies and yet, there is a great winter ski season. A springtime visit features the glorious mountain flowers and in the fall, the forest colors are absolutely incredible.

Staying in a room in any of the Boone, North Carolina hotels probably requires a reservation because the area is a wonderfully busy vacation spot. Close by, a summer tourist will find the Tweetsie Railroad, an amusement park that features a short but exciting ride on a vintage train powered by a steam locomotive. This park provides entertainment for families with small children as well train enthusiasts from around the world. Also during the summer, one can enjoy Horn in the West, the outdoor dramatization of the lives of early settlers and their trek with Daniel Boone to the Boone, North Carolina area.

It would be hard to go wrong with a stay in one of the lovely Boone, North Carolina hotels. There is no lack of activities to keep you busy and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the restful mountains.

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