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Honolulu Hotel Reservations - A Local's Guide to Honolulu Hotel Reservations

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Looking for a great hotel in Waikiki? Not sure of what area gives you the best value? Closest proximity to Ala Moana Shopping Center? The best location from the beach? Well look no further!

First off, the entire stretch of Waikiki is approximately 2 miles long, and the world-famous Waikiki Beach stretches far along the entire length of the area, so you are never more than a few blocks from great sunbathing, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, or even snorkeling.

A great way to start your search is to pen up a map of Waikiki so that you can see the location your many hotel options. In general, there are two main streets. Kalakaua Avenue, which is closer to the ocean (or “Makai side” in local directions), is where you will find the pricier, high end hotels. If you are looking for a bargain and don’t mind more of a walk to the beach, try Kuhio Avenue, which is one block away from the ocean (“Mauka side” meaning “towards the mountains”). Even further Mauka is Ala Wai Boulevard, which will mean an approximate 10 to 15 min walk to get to the ocean.

When you first head into Waikiki from Honolulu International Airport, you will see Ala Moana Shopping Center, the nation’s largest open air shopping mall. So staying on this side of Waikiki is a good idea if you prefer to be closer to the shopping areas. Heading towards Diamond Head, on the opposite side of Waikiki, you will have landmarks such as the Honolulu Zoo, the Waikiki Shell concert venue, and Kapiolani Park.

No matter what location you choose, Waikiki has something for everyone. Make your hotel reservation today! Paradise awaits…

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