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Chicago Hotel Room - Finding a Hotel Room in Chicago

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Chicago, like any major metropolitan city, has a wide variety of hotels. Even with the thousands of rooms in Chicago, it is still possible to come across a sold out situation. Chicago is home to many conventions and conferences throughout the year. Your best bet is to check with the Convention and Tourism Bureau to get a gauge on how busy it will be during your vacation.

Location will be the biggest factor in price in Chicago. If you are willing to do a little walking or to take public transportation, you will be able to find lower priced hotel rooms. Research is key, so be sure to start on it as early as you can. Chicago is a very large town, be sure to map out where you want to go on your trip so that you stay in the closest area.

Some of the best Chicago hotels are the Fairmont, the Drake, the Hyatt Regency, and the Palmer Hilton. Be sure to about specials and packages at all the properties. Chicago hotels cater to the business traveler, but their ammenities are great for everyone. You might the best deals over a weekend, when business travelers return home.

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