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The Chicago-Midway area is known mostly for the fact that it is home to Midway airport, one of the primary hubs for many discount-fare airlines and a place that many people fly to and transfer though. Many times, however, people who are staying in Chicago or in the Chicago area find that they need to find a hotel near Midway, either for the sake of convenience or the fact that it costs much less than hotels located in Chicago “proper.”

The best way to find good hotels in Chicago-Midway is to get a short way away from the airport. While Midway has a number of hotels, it is in a decidedly low-rent area due to the constant air traffic, and the best places to sleep are in fact a few miles to the north or west. A quick Internet search will help anyone who is interested to find them, and there are a number of inexpensive hotels for those willing to drive a mile or two closer to the edge of town. Midway offers little selection in terms of luxury hotels, but there are a large number of moderately priced ones from popular chains.

When it comes to saving money on these hotels, the best solution is to purchase them in conjunction with the flight. The vast majority of hotels in the area are set up to serve the airport and offer package deals with most airlines, in addition to offering shuttle services. These hotel packages can be purchased through most travel agents and online reservation companies. AAA also offers package deals, as well as estimated prices and reviews. It is always important to check reviews on a hotel before reserving it, since quality varies even within established hotel chains. Reviews can also allow one to know more about specific amenities such as wheelchair access or nearby places to eat.

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